Why is a fee required for the Love Talk Indicator?

Many readers and assessment-takers have indicated that they can't believe they are getting this much value from such a relatively small financial investment into their relationship.  Itís actually far less than half of what it might cost for just one session with a typical marriage counselor.  On the other hand, a few readers of Love Talk have questioned why a fee is required for a second code to have their spouse take the test.  Itís a question that deserves an answer. 

We have put a great deal of care and prayer into this Love Talk project and our team has done our best to devise itís various components (book, workbooks, online assessment, and small group curriculum) to be flexible and affordable Ė allowing couples to use a variety of tools to help them apply it to their lives.  Countless hours and a great deal of expense have gone into crafting the online Love Talk Indicator to be sure it is valid, reliable, and practical for couples just like you.  Because of the sophistication of this assessment it necessitates a small investment from its users and we want to explain the fee that it requires so you know why two codes are not included for free with each book.   

The online assessment: Truth be told, a substantial financial sacrifice was made on our end to include one free code for the Love Talk Indicator.  Most readers realize itís quite extraordinary to receive a sophisticated assessment with a book in this way Ė especially at a $30 value when the book is $20 (a standard price for a book of this size without an assessment).   We also stretched hard to make the additional assessment only $14.95 (regularly $30 each) -- the lowest priced assessment of its kind on the internet.  And in case youíre curious, not a penny of the money you spend on this assessment will be profit.  As you might guess, thousands of man-hours have been put into making this assessment available and it requires a great deal of costly labor to keep it up and running.  We hope you understand that it simply isn't realistic or possible to give away $60 worth of assessments with the purchase of a $20 book.  Not only would this be poor stewardship but it is simply not financially possible.                      

The workbooks:  The menís and womenís workbooks are an additional tool for readers to use if they choose.  They are an optional feature as a curriculum kit.  The Love Talk book stands alone without them but they are another means to help readers who choose to augment their reading.  If we included the exercises in the book, the price of the book would rise significantly and it would then be classified by the Library of Congress as a workbook (because you are providing space for writing in it) and that necessitates a more expensive binding by the publisher as well.  Including them as an optional add-on is the most flexible, user-friendly, and affordable model available. 

The DVD small-group curriculum:  For those who would like to study the Love Talk material in a small group setting, the six-session DVD can be used without the book itself.  Participants simply need one of the mens/womens workbooks.  The online assessment is not required for small group participants but is offered as an option for those who are interested. 

Our goal at RealRelationships is to help people just like you and to do it for reasonable investment.  That desire comes from the heart.  If you have questions about the fees and the ancillary components for this program we hope this sheds some light for you.  Of course, we welcome your feedback or questions and you can expect a speedy reply. Please email us at contactus@lovetalkreport.com.

Thanks for your interest in and use of the Love Talk program. 

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott
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